Your new device is high in calories!


Upon receipt, check that you have received in perfect condition the device you have ordered and sign the accompanying form of the shipment.


Carefully read the instructions for use of the device. The instructions for use clearly state the safety instructions, the way of use and the maintenance or cleaning of the device.


Some appliances require optional maintenance at regular intervals (such as air conditioners) by qualified technicians certified for this job.


Products very simple in construction, use and maintenance, may not be accompanied by instructions for use.


All appliances are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.


The terms of the guarantee are precisely described in the accompanying form of the guarantee. In case of damage to the device under warranty (except in the case of user liability), you will not be charged with the costs of the technician's visit as well as the cost of spare parts.


Use consumable parts recommended by the manufacturer for the best performance of the device. Proof of purchase of the product, it is good to keep for as long as the warranty.


In case the product has an additional warranty, you should always keep the relevant forms and show them to the competent technicians. In the event of a device failure, the procedure described by the manufacturer must be followed. In any communication with the manufacturer, you must necessarily, for your own convenience, know the type of device.


In any case, choose the contracted services offered by the manufacturer because otherwise, essential terms do not apply, such as genuine spare parts, which are also covered by the warranty terms.


Manufacturers must ensure that consumers continue to provide technical services for the maintenance and repair of appliances for a period equal to their potential lifespan.


Our store is always willing to help you for your proper communication with the technical services (service) of the manufacturers if you encounter communication problems.